84v, 72v, 60v 48v to 12v converter

We carry value priced chargers  48v, 60v, 72v , 84 and 96v volts for quantity discounts please call us.

E-bike tires

We carry premium 16X3,10x3,10x3.5 and 120/70-12 Tires 4ply heavy duty tread for longer distance ,better handling and less punctures.

Our 12 Volt 20 AH and 12 Volt 12AH DMZ batteries made from

top quality material  for our harsh climate. Only buy the best.


Breakers for e-scooter 96v to 48v  20 ah top quality

Our inner tubes are made of high quality natural  rubber with bent stems.  For Dealer pricing call.


New 72 volt 2000 watts controller with 18 MOSFETS

Improve ride and speed intelligent system will configure to your motor automatically .Bluetooth available.